Summer holidays: let the games begin!

Summer holidays: let the games begin!

Games to play indoors with the kids

You can book that trip to Spain or an outing to an amusement park in advance but sadly booking the sun is not an option. Fortunately there’s no shortage of games to keep your offspring occupied indoors. How about indoor bowling, making candles or a marbles tournament? Game on!

Plenty of balls in the air

Unfortunately the weather is too bad for football or beach volleyball. Still feel like playing a ball game? Then blow up a balloon and keep it in the air as long as possible. The one to drop it onto the parquet floor has to do the dishes. If you like a bit of a challenge, you can also install a net and play a game of balloon tennis using spatulas or spoons. Last but not least, you can also build an improvised bowling lane with a soft ball and some plastic water bottles. Strike!

The perfect playing companion: Frozen Walnut.

Adventure is out there

Do your children also love to build camps and romp indoors? Then put on the new album by Harry Styles or #LikeMe and free up some space on your oak parquet because the first game on the planning is: musical chairs! The winner gets an ice cream as soon as the sun makes a comeback! The next challenge is a game of ‘Journey around the World’. Use chairs, tables, pillows and tape on the floor to mark out an entire course in the playroom. Worried about scratching your oak floor? No need! Our veneer parquet can handle the odd scratch!

The perfect playing companion: Mountain Oak.

Handy Harrys and Harriets

Nothing beats the thrill of creating something with your own hands. Look up the most scrumptious cake recipe you can find on the internet and don your kitchen aprons. Mind the hot oven and dig in! Do you prefer to make your own candles or pottery? The many DIY videos on YouTube will get your kids started so you can have a bit of me time. No need to stress out when a bit of water or dirt ends up on your wood floor. Even our lightest oak floors can take a bit of cake batter. Mmm!

The perfect playing companion: Silk Oak.

Back to the nineties

Dig up your Flippo collection and your marble drawstring bag from the attic for an old school game afternoon. There’s a reason why you ate dozens of packets of crisps when you were younger, right? Do you have any Pokémon cards to exchange? Then you will definitely take the badge for hero of the day. With a skipping rope, a hopscotch design marked out with tape and a round of ‘Skipper can I cross the river?’ you can transform your living room to a full-fledged 90s playground in no time. All that’s missing now is Ms Anita!

The perfect playing companion: herringbone parquet.

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