Keep your parquet in top condition


Hardwood Parky floors are not only elegant and authentic, they also require very little maintenance due to their protective layer. This makes your parquet super strong against scratches and dirt. In addition, every Parky plank also has a water-resistant surface. Do you want your fantastic wooden floor to remain stylish for years to come? Follow these easy tips from our floor experts.

Well begun is half done.

Although Parky is the strongest wooden floor on the market, it never hurts to follow these tips to ensure a longer lifespan for your favorite Parky parquet:

  • Place felt pads under chairs: not only will your chair slide smoothly on your parquet, but also better and without scratches.
    Make sure office chairs have parquet wheels and a protective mat under the chair.
    Place a doormat if you enter directly from outside on a Parky floor. Sometimes it's also good to clean your feet. Small stones on your soles can cause small scratches.

Remove dust and dirt with ease

By cleaning your floor weekly, you prevent dust and dirt from piling up. This can be easily done with a vacuum cleaner or dust cloth. Do you also like to mop your parquet? You can, because every Parky plank has a water-resistant surface.

Do you know our Parky Wood Floor Cleaner? The specially developed formula removes dirt and protects the wood. You simply dilute the cleaner with water. Apply the cleaner with a wrung mop. Rinse out the dirty mop and wring it out in a second bucket with clean water. Mop again with the wrung clean mop. You can find the Parky Wood Floor Cleaner at our distributors.

parky wood floor cleaner

You quickly fix a scratch or hole

Although our hardwood floors are super strong and suitable for intensive, commercial use, accidents can always happen.

Scratch? You can repair it in a jiffy with the Parky Repair Pens. Depending on the color of your floor, there are boxes available with one or two pens. After the repair, dirt can no longer penetrate the scratch.

Hole? The Parky repair kits quickly bring your floor back to its original color and condition. You can read all about it in our blog.

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