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High-strength and scratch resistant

Scratch resistant
Parky floors are ultra-high-strength. Our new Titanium finish has eight robust layers of lacquer. This makes your floor almost scratch-resistant and ready for intensive use.

Our Titanium finished wood in combination with a core out of high density fibre board (HDF), makes your floor stronger and more dimensionally stable than any traditional solid or engineered wooden floor. Use Parky with peace of mind in the toughest places of your house such as your kitchen or high traffic areas in commercial use such as hotel lobby's, offices, retail stores...

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Waterproof surface

The Parky board has a waterproof surface. The combination with the Aqua Sealing Complete system, which protects the bevels, gives you a 12 hour waterproof floor. This makes your floor bullet proof for daily spills and drops.

The secret lies in the wellthought- out structure

Titanium: the invisible 8-layer varnish

We can call it Titanium! Extremely strong due to eight layers of especially developed "bullet" proof lacquer. Your floor will be resistant to daily wear and tear as well as scratches, the pores are moist and dirt resistant. A brushed finish is available allowing you to feel the natural grains and patterns of the wood. This extremely strong and matt lacquer is nearly invisible.

Real Wood

On the HDF board we press a wood wear layer according to the DSI system (Double sided impregnation). During this process the adhesive gets pressed into the wood. While lacquering the top layer, the wood absorbs the varnish and makes a fusion with the adhesive. The result is a Titanium wooden top layer.

Strong high-density board

The thinner the wooden top layer , the more resistant the floor is to impact. The HDF just below the wear layer is even stronger than natural wood. This allows us to make sure the floor is more resistant to heavy objects or stiletto heels.

Wood backing for dimensional stability.

With Deluxe+ a 2 mm layer of cork provides a softer footfall sound.

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There are no 2 identical trees and therefore each Parky board is unique.

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