Five cosy me time spots in your home

Working eight hours a day, taking the kids to school, running a household... Life can be busy, busy, busy. So taking the odd moment to yourself is no luxury. Still looking for a nice spot in your home to enjoy that well-earned me time? These tips will help you create that personal oasis in your home. Relax, take it easy.

Attic becomes man cave

Of course you love to play Monopoly with your family and watch ‘Thuis’ with your partner but every once in a while you also need some time to yourself. So roll up your sleeves and convert that crammed attic of yours into a wicked man cave. Install a Smoked Walnut floor from Parky in no time flat, put in a comfortable couch, set up a TV with PlayStation and savour your freedom! Lukaku & Co can’t wait for the kickoff. Oh precious man cave...

Cellar becomes wine mecca

Who doesn’t dream of having their own wine cellar? Especially if that wine cellar is more like a bar. Clear those boxes of Christmas decorations, old shoes and other clutter and make room for your ‘rosé all day’ nook. Parky’s herringbone parquet floor is perfect for your vinotheque. A velvet chair, granite coffee table, mini fridge and music installation complete the picture. And yep, inviting the occasional friend is allowed!

Garden shed becomes teenage paradise

Your kids already have a room to sleep and study in but no room for their hobbies? Then it’s high time to use that garden shed for something other than the storage of bicycles, garden chairs and fishing rods! Start with a Sky Oak Parky floor and top it off with a DJ table or painter’s easel. Your kids will take care of everything in between, from recycling shop furniture to Harry Styles posters. The next Amelie Lens and Bob Ross in the making!

Bedroom becomes meditation hub

If you really want to find yourself during me time you probably already have a meditation app on your smartphone. All you need now is a quiet place for ten minutes of uninterrupted breathing exercises. How about your own bedroom? Pick a spot on the Bamboo Steamed Parky parquet floor, spread a sheepskin or another soft rug on the floor, heap enough comfortable pillows on top of each other and plunk down a few candles here and there. Now gently close your eyes…

Living room becomes movie theatre

Is it still me time if you also invite Leonardo DiCaprio or Jennifer Lawrence? Of course! Put on your favourite film on Netflix, snuggle under your softest fleece blanket and grab some nibbles from the fridge. Look at that Ivory Oak Parky floor sparkle in the flickering light of the hearth! Don’t worry about crisps or soft drink spills, your wood veneer floor can take it. Ready for your movie night? Ready, set, play!

Can’t wait to discover all the benefits of Parky floors? Discover them here. And enjoy me time to the full!

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