How to repair a dent or scratch in your parquet flooring in 3 simple steps

A parquet floor is the epitome of homeliness. It gives your home a welcoming touch and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. This type of floor is made to live life to the full but that also means the occasional accident can leave a small scratch or dent. Not to worry though because our Parky Repair Wax kit will help you repair chips, dents and scratches in no time!

The Parky Repair Wax kit

Our Parky Repair Wax will help you repair the damage to your parquet floor. In addition this wax protects your floor against moisture penetration. The Parky Repair Wax kit contains seven wax blocks, a melting knife and a spatula, placing all the tools you need to level your floor at your fingertips

How to go about it

● Before you start place the wax melter, the scraper from the repair kit and the wax within easy reach.
● Be sure to use wax of the same colour as your floor.
● Moreover, the section of floor you’re repairing must be clean, dry and dust free

1. Touch up the dent

Rub the dent with the included scrub sponge until there are no more rough edges or corners.

2. Use the wax melter

Now you’ve removed all rough edges and corners it is time to repair your floor. Turn on the wax melter and melt a bit of wax. Turn on the wax melter: remove the protective cap, press the yellow button and then hold the blue button for 10 seconds. Make sure the tip is correctly positioned.

If you want to match the colour of your parquet flooring it is best to melt pieces of wax of different colours and then mix them. Carefully fill the dent with wax until it is overflowing slightly.

3. Scrape away the excess wax

To level your parquet floor again it is important to remove the excess wax after it has dried. Use the sharp edges of the scraper to do this. Degrease the dent with the grey scrub sponge. The shiny part of the filling will turn matte. For the final touch sand lightly with the scrub sponge and the dent is repaired.

Find out more about our Repair Wax?

Look at our how-to-video:

Would you like more information about our Repair Wax or are you still looking for the wood species that’s a perfect match for your home? Then don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

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