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A sustainable choice

Wood is precious. Therefore we use it sparingly: we only use a thin layer of wood for the top layer. This way we use 25 times less wood than required for the production of solid parquet. Every tree we use comes from well-managed forests. We also get 100% of our energy from renewable sources such as solar and wind power. Finally, the sawdust and wood waste from our production facility is used to heat the floor space during winter. For us, the future is a CO2 neutral world.

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Real wood

Feel real wood. Each Parky floor is finished with a top layer of authentic wood species, in oak or walnut. Just like a solid wood floor, no two boards are the same. A beautiful natural look, combined with the warmth of wood.

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High-strength and scratch resistant

Scratch resistant
Parky floors are ultra-high-strength. Our new Titanium finish has eight robust layers of lacquer. This makes your floor almost scratch-resistant and ready for intensive use.

Our Titanium finished wood in combination with a core out of high density fibre board (HDF), makes your floor stronger and more dimensionally stable than any traditional solid or engineered wooden floor. Use Parky with peace of mind in the toughest places of your house such as your kitchen or high traffic areas in commercial use such as hotel lobbies, offices, retail stores...

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Waterproof surface

The Parky board has a waterproof surface. The combination with the Aqua Sealing Complete system, which protects the bevels, gives you a 12 hour waterproof floor. This makes your floor bullet proof for daily spills and drops.

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Perfect match with your radiant heating

Different kinds of radiant heating systems can be used with Parky.

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Floor for healthier indoor air quality

The Parky floor is only finished with water based stains, adhesives without volatile organic compounds and solvent free paints. It is scientifically proven: indoor air quality improves with a Parky floor. All floors have a A+ quality label.

Experience your best moments on a real wooden floor. Imitations such as vinyl or laminate can never match the warmth and uniqueness of real wood. You don’t just see it, you feel it...

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