What is the ideal length, width and thickness for parquet?

How to choose the perfect length, width and thickness for your parquet

What are the ideal dimensions for parquet? The dimensions will depend on the room where you would like to lay the parquet floor. For smaller rooms, it is best to choose narrow, short planks. In larger rooms, you are better off choosing wide, long planks. The direction of the planks also has an effect. Long planks which point in the same direction as the longest wall will make the room appear longer. There are 8 different plank formats which means that Parky has a solution for every interior! 

What thicknesses do the floor planks come in?

The thickness of a wooden floor is usually between 6 and 22 mm. However, there are naturally different kinds of planks which each have their own thickness. For instance, a solid wooden floor has a maximum thickness of 22 mm.

If you would like to combine your parquet floor with underfloor heating, a composite floor, such as multi-layer or veneer parquet is a better choice than solid parquet. The composition of these planks means that they move less and they are more dimensionally stable than solid wood.

Parky veneer parquet has a thickness of between 7.2 and 12 mm, and a top layer with a thickness of 0.6 or 2 mm. Does that mean that it is not so strong as solid parquet? Actually, it’s quite the opposite! The extremely strong HDF beneath the top layer makes veneer parquet even stronger and more stable than multi-layer or solid parquet.

By the way, did you know that veneer parquet is also ideal for renovation projects? During rebuilding or renovation work, it is common for Parquet to be laid on top of an existing floor. It is important to look out here for height differences. As Parky veneer parquet is available in various thicknesses, you can perfectly adapt your floor depending on the total floor height. Handy, don’t you think?

What are the lengths of parquet floor planks?

Floor planks come in lengths of between 100 and 240 cm. Shorter planks are more frequently used for patterned floors, such as floors laid in a herringbone motif.

The size of the room determines the length of your planks. For smaller rooms, it is best to choose narrow, short planks. If you have more space, then you are better off choosing wide, long planks. Incidentally, the direction also has an impact. If you install your planks lengthwise, then your room will appear larger.

Parky veneer parquet comes in eight different sizes. If you’re finding it tricky to decide, feel free to contact your dealer.

Does the width of parquet play a role?

It is also best to base the width of the planks you choose on the width of the room. The rule of thumb here is the larger the room, the wider the plank. This will increase the feeling of space. It is also faster to lay a parquet floor with wide planks. This is very good to know if you plan to tackle a large room!

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