What is the best skirting I can choose for my parquet?

Skirting boards give your Parky floor the perfect appearance

But skirting boards do not just add detail. They also have an important function as they protect your wall from becoming damaged. They also nicely conceal the transition between your Parky parquet floor and the walls and are a little extra touch for your floor. How do you choose the ideal skirting boards for your parquet? We will explain this and give you a few great tips.

Should I choose high or low skirting boards?

The height of your skirting boards determines their general look. High skirting boards attract attention in your interior and give your floor a classic appearance. Low skirting boards have a more modern look and blend in harmoniously with your interior. Furthermore, you will get the best result if you match the height of your skirting boards to the height of your ceiling and the size of the room in which you are fitting them. As a general rule, the higher and larger the room, the higher the skirting board should be. That is why you should bear in mind the height of the walls when you choose your skirting boards, so that you keep everything in proportion. 

What colour skirting to choose for your floor?

As regards the colour of your skirting, the options are endless. Would you like your Parky floor to continue smoothly in the same colour and wood structure onto the skirting? If so, then you should choose Parky veneer skirting boards that match your type of veneer parquet. This will give a classic and timeless look.

Would you rather your skirting was the same colour as the walls? That is no problem either. In that case, it is best to choose Parky paintable skirting boards which you can paint in your preferred colour so that they blend in completely with your walls. This will not only make your room appear slightly larger, but it will look more sleek and modern too. 

Why choose white skirting?

Having a hard time choosing? No problem, we have a solution for you. Go for white skirting, which is a very popular choice. White is a neutral and modern colour, and it provides a nice contrast to a wall in a different colour. Parky paintable skirting boards are also a good choice here as they come in white as standard. This means that you can leave them unpainted and perhaps paint them in a colour that you like in the future.

When is it good to choose black skirting?

Black skirting boards give your room a luxurious and classy appearance. Furthermore, they combine perfectly with dark and light walls and let you create harmony and contrast respectively. You can also use Parky paintable prints as the perfect base here. Finish them with matt or gloss black paint and you are sure to get a smart end result.

Do you need more advice about choosing your skirting boards? Feel free to contact your Parky specialist for advice.

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