Parquet or laminate – which is the best one to choose?

How to make the right choice between veneer parquet and laminate

If you are looking for a low-maintenance alternative to solid parquet, you will soon be faced with a choice between veneer parquet and laminate. Rightly so. Both products are very strong and are easy to install which is music to the ears of anyone who is not a DIY expert. Furthermore, they are also both in the same price range! Too many choices? No need to worry, we will set out the key differences for you between veneer parquet and laminate.

Is laminate the same as parquet?

No, there is actually a world of difference. Parquet is made from natural wood, while a laminate floor has a top layer made from plastic. The look of laminate is determined by a printed wood design on the top layer that is finished with a transparent coating. This makes it easy to maintain and hard-wearing, but less authentic. Strips of laminate have a tongue and groove so that you can easily lay them yourself.

What is the difference between veneer parquet and laminate?

Veneer parquet and laminate are also very different. The most important difference is that veneer parquet is a natural product, whereas laminate is not a natural product. They are also made up of various layers, but the top layer of veneer parquet is a thin layer of real wood, whereas laminate has a plastic top layer. This gives veneer parquet the natural look of a wooden floor that you also have with solid wood.

Veneer parquet can withstand the occasional knock as it has a strong HDF (high-density fibreboard) beneath the top layer. Furthermore, veneer parquet is just as easy to install as laminate thanks to the handy click system.

At first sight, veneer parquet and laminate may appear similar, but you will immediately notice the difference when you touch them. Pass your fingers over the planks and you will notice that the top layer that is made from natural wood in veneer parquet feels warmer than the printed synthetic layer of laminate. That’s also good news for your feet in the winter!

It is this real wood which gives the floor – and in fact also the entire room – true character, as no two planks are the same. The wood grains and the unpredictable structure give the floor an authentic dimension. Real wood is more sensitive to marks and scratches, but we have found a way to tackle this at Parky – the invisible Titanium Finish in the top layer. This makes the natural wood just as strong and easy to look after as laminate. It is able to withstand scrapes from chair legs, dropped children's toys or the claws of your faithful four-legged friend without any problem!

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