Is it possible to combine parquet with underfloor heating?

A Parky parquet floor is perfect for installing on top of underfloor heating

Here's some good news for anyone who wants to combine natural wood with cosy, warm feet – you can combine parquet with underfloor heating without any problems at all. However, there are a few things that you need to bear in mind. 

What’s the best way to lay parquet on underfloor heating?

Parky veneer parquet and underfloor heating are the perfect match. You can lay the floating floor on a different (level) floor, such as a screed. For the greatest efficiency, it's best to lay your Parky directly on the underfloor heating, and put a special underlay in between. You should avoid using an existing floor as an intermediate layer.

You can lay a Parky parquet floor on wet or dry underfloor heating. In a wet system, the heating pipes are embedded in a wet screed. These
must be completely dry before you lay your Parky floor on top of them. You should also put down an underlay between the screed and your wooden floor to prevent condensation.

In a dry system, the pipes are laid inside a sleeve made from insulating foam and covered with an underlay. In this case, you should lay your Parky parquet on top. This is the most efficient method to combine a wooden floor with underfloor heating. 

Does parquet provide good efficiency with underfloor heating?

The thermal resistance indicates how much energy that underfloor heating loses through the floor. If this value is below 0.15 m²K/W, then the floor is suitable for underfloor heating. The table below shows that all Parky wooden floors achieve good efficiency when they are combined with underfloor heating.







Thermal resistance







Thermal conduction







You can find further technical details about Parky and underfloor heating on our downloads page.

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