How many skirting boards do I need for my parquet floor?

If you're ready to add the finishing touches, it’s time to get started on those skirting boards!

Would you like to finish your Parky parquet floor down to the smallest detail with veneer or painted skirting boards? Great idea! But how do you know exactly how many skirting boards you will need in order to tackle the area in one go? No need to worry, here at Parky we have a handy trick for you.

This is how you can calculate the number of skirting boards you will need for your parquet floor

When you measure your room where you will fit the skirting boards, it is important that you take cutting wastage into account. This is around 10% for skirting boards. Before you order your skirting boards, measure all of the walls where the skirting will be fitted (without taking any door openings into account). You should then multiple this measurement by 1.10 (10%). This will give you the number of centimetres of skirting that you will need.

Divide the number by the length of the skirting board that you would like to order, and you will have the number of skirting boards that you need to order.

The formula is as follows: length of walls x 1.10 / length of skirting board= number of skirting boards required

E.g. 2,200 cm (total length of the walls in the room) x 1.10 = 2,420 cm / 215 cm (standard length of a Parky skirting board) = 11.25 skirting boards. In this case, you will need 12 Parky skirting boards.

Here’s a classic tip from an experienced installer! Always round up the number of skirting boards. There’s nothing more irritating than being one piece of skirting short before you finish the job.

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