How do I lay parquet as a floating floor?

This is how you can easily lay parquet as a floating floor, without adhesive

Parky uses the Unifit X® system for installation as a floating floor. The planks can be quickly and firmly clicked together thanks to the handy tongue and groove system. Not only is this quicker, but it is also a lot easier than using adhesive.

What preparation is necessary for laying a parquet floor as a floating floor?

Parky is a genuine wooden floor. That is why you have to leave the planks for 24 hours in the room where you want to lay your veneer parquet floor. By allowing the wood to adjust to the environment, you will prevent the floor from sharply expanding or shrinking after installation.

When you install parquet as a floating floor, it means that the planks are not fastened to the solid floor (for instance, a screed) on which the wooden floor is laid. The ideal base for this kind of floating floor is a solid floor with an underlay on top. The underlay takes care of minor irregularities, absorbs contact noises and protects your floor against rising damp. 

Get to work!

Parky parquet has a top layer made from natural wood. That is why you should mix up the planks from several packages. By doing this, your parquet floor with have richer shade variation, otherwise, there is the chance that two planks from the same tree with a similar pattern will end up being placed next to each other.

First, you should determine the direction in which you will lay your Parky planks. We recommend laying the planks lengthwise which will enable you to create the longest strips. This will also make your room appear larger. If you have chosen parquet in a herringbone pattern, such as Parky Swing, follow the recommendations and installation instructions.

Our Parky installation kit contains everything that you will need to install your parquet as a floating floor: a tapping block, buffer block, and spacers. All ready to get started? You will find step-by-step installation instructions for your type of Parky parquet on our downloads page. Have fun with the installation!

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