What is the best way to fit skirting to my parquet floor?

Why fit skirting to your Parky floor?

Once your Parky veneer floor is proudly in place, it will look fantastic. This authentic wooden floor immediately brings out a warm, cosy feeling in your home. However, if you'd like to put the icing on the cake, you can fit skirting that will make a smooth transition from your floor to your walls. Here are a few tips to help you do that.

Parky skirting: attractive and useful

Did you lay your Parky floor using our installation instructions? Great. There will be an expansion gap of about one centimetre around all the edges of your parquet floor and your walls. As your Parky floor is made from natural wood, that space is needed to absorb any expansion of the planks. Naturally, you would prefer those gaps not to be so noticeable. That it why you it's best to conceal them with skirting boards.

Parky has matching skirting boards and paintable veneer skirting boards for the entire range. If you choose veneer skirting boards, then your floor will transition nicely in the same colour and wood structure to the skirting. If you
are a fan of a sleek, modern look, then it’s best to choose white, paintable skirting boards. These can be painted with little effort in the same colour as the wall that they are attached to. Have you up your mind? Click here to see how to calculate the number of skirting boards you will need for your parquet floor.

Adhesive – the easiest way to fix skirting

Once you have brought your Parky skirting boards home, they are child's play to fit. All you need is a tape measure or folding ruler, a framing square or bevel protractor, a mitre saw and a special installation kit to fix your skirting boards to the wall. If your floor is a floating installation, you can walk on the floor as soon as it is fitted. If you glued down your floor, it is best to wait for a couple of hours before you walk on it.

First remove all of the spacers. Then saw the first skirting board that you would like to mitre in a left corner in the room at the correct angle which you should measure using a framing square or a bevelled protractor. Turn the saw left or right, depending on the angle that you want to obtain. We will dispel any mystery here about how to accurately cut a mitre in your skirting boards. Glue the skirting board to the wall immediately before you measure the next skirting board and saw it if necessary. This is easy to do by using a handy sealant gun. Apply the adhesive in dots or waves and leave a space of around 10 cm in between. Check the packaging of the installation kit for a more detailed method. Continue working this way until you have finished the entire room.

Please note: you should never fix the skirting boards to the floor – you should always fix them to the wall instead. Since a Parky floor is made from a ‘living’ material, it can always expand and shrink beneath the skirting. What if you don’t have enough space to fit skirting boards? Don't worry, you can close up the expansion gap with silicone so that moisture is unable to penetrate the floor.
Good luck with the job!


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