Woof woof! Pets love Parky too

If you have a dog or cat at home, you’ll be purrfectly fine with a Parky floor! It can withstand scratches and pee, and it’s also good for your feline or canine. We have outlined all of the benefits of a veneer floor for dog and cat owners.


Carefree play

No matter how many scratching posts you put around the house, your cat’s claws are still like tiny weapons. This isn’t good for your clothing, chairs, and certainly not for your wooden floor either. Fortunately, Parky veneer floors have a titanium finish which optimally protects the wood against scratches. This means your dog or cat can play to their heart’s content without damaging your floor. Sharp toys and metal food bowls will not leave any marks on your floor either. More biscuits, Brad Kitt? 


Stable surface

Certain breeds of dog, such as the St. Bernard and the Rottweiler, can grow to a considerable size. When these furry friends go back and forth all the time over a wooden floor, it can have consequences for the stability of the floor. Not for a Parky floor! Thanks to the High Density Fibreboard, your trusty four-legged friend will not affect the firmness of your floorboards. You can let that big guy do another lap around the living room with full peace of mind. Fetch!


Little accident? It can happen!

Even house-trained pets leave their pee around the house from time to time. It’s not a pleasant gift for parquet or laminated flooring. Naughty dog! Nevertheless, there’s no need to put your furry friend in the doghouse. If you remove liquids within twelve hours they will not stain your Parky floor. This also means that muddy souvenirs from walks in the woods or an upturned water bowl will no longer be a headache either. Purrrrfect!

Healthy air

Did you know that a Parky floor helps improve the quality of the air in your home? Of course that’s good news for your beloved pooch or moggie. A healthy pet not only helps improve your peace of mind, it also saves you lots of vet’s bills. Naturally, the owner will also benefit from a breathable wood that contains a minimum of harmful substances. One big healthy family!

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