What wood you do … if your office chair scratched your parquet?

What wood you do … if your office chair scratched your parquet?

A scratch on your parquet? No problem!

Are you spending more time than ever in your home office? Then an accident is never far away. And on your beautiful parquet floor no less! What would you do in this predicament? We have a few pointers for you! Check out our tips for perfect maintenance of your wood floor.

Repair kit: repair any scratch in your parquet

Now that we all work from home much more often than two years ago, the odds of your office chair scratching your parquet have grown considerably. All it takes is a small pebble that gets stuck under one of the castors and your children’s office chair race is destined for a dramatic finish. So how can you minimise the damage? With the Parky Repair Pens, of course! Use the practical repair and maintenance kit for our wood floors to repair small scratches in the blink of an eye – and in the identical colour to your floor. Your parquet will be good as new! 

Repair Pens: pens at the ready

The Repair Pen kits consist of two special pens. With the first one gently rub the scratch to make it less visible. Wipe it clean with a cloth for best effect. Shake the second pen to shift the transparent varnish to the tip, then apply it to the scratch. This layer protects your floor and restores its shine. It’s the kind of magic that would wow Harry Potter! How to use the Repair Pens exactly? Download the user instructions for the Repair Pens.

Want to know how to keep your parquet in tip-top condition? Discover our scratch-resistant wood floors? You’ll find the answer to all your questions on our website. Or ask your local Parky specialist

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