Taking care of your Parky parquet floor couldn’t be easier!

Our Parky floors are a) extremely pleasing to look at but nevertheless they are b) primarily meant to walk on. And as we know that you don’t always walk around barefoot or in galoshes at home, we treat them with eight layers of resistant varnish to keep your floor in top condition for years to come. What also helps is if your maintenance is up to scratch (but don’t let small stones in the soles of your shoes scratch your floor - see below for more details!)

Just a quick clean

A weekly vacuum or sweep is enough to keep your floor spic and span. Of course, if you want to give it a fresh makeover the old mop-and-bucket combo will do the trick: thanks to their water-resistant surface Parky floors can handle a bit of a fresh shower.

So no worries if someone ploughs through your living room in muddy boots or if your children splash paint around or knock over a can of coke. Just pour a dash of our own Parky Wood Floor Cleaner in your bucket: this will not only effortlessly remove the toughest stains, it also gives your wooden floor a protective coat. Soak your mop in the water, wring it out firmly and run it over your dirty floor. Next: rinse, wring firmly and mop again. This will make your floor even more dazzlingly beautiful than before. 

Diamond soles

Our floors are as strong as a lion, a horse and a bear put together - the strongest wooden floors on the market, so to speak. But if you want to benefit from an immaculate floor even longer then a few additional precautions can’t hurt. After all, prevention is better than cure - or in this case: better than being angry with yourself, for instance for forgetting to put soft casters under your office chair or protective coasters under your chairs. These will enable you to move smoothly across your wooden floor without leaving scratches or scuff marks.

A door mat may come in handy as well. If visitors can wipe their feet this will help to get rid of any small stones that may be caught in the soles of their shoes. Before you know it, these small stones will cause annoying little scratches on your floor. However, if a visitor has ‘Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes’ as in the Paul Simon song, just ask them to take leave their shoes at the front door. 

Curious to see the video on how to do it, click here! 

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