Overview of the most commonly asked questions about Parky

You asked us everything under the sun during our recent 'ask me anything Instagram Stories'. We have collected all of the questions in a handy list. 

Where can I buy Parky flooring?

  • Parky is available from various parquet flooring specialists all over the country. You can find your nearest retailer here.

Can I buy Parky flooring online?

  • Parky is not currently available for purchase online. We also recommend that you first discover our wooden flooring at one of our dealers. Then you can compare colours as much you like, see sample boards up close and get professional advice. However, you can buy our A4 colour swatches and our outlet floors online. These are available in our online store.

What is the nicest example of a Parky floor installation?

  • We have worked on so many interesting and attractive projects over the years and it is difficult to single out one project in particular. To get an idea of some interesting installations, please see our Instagram account or our inspiration page. Are you proud owner of a Parky floor? Share it at #MyParkyFloor and tag @parkyfloors on Instagram!

Does Parky also provide skirting boards?

  • Yes, we do! We have matching skirting boards and paintable skirting boards for our entire range.
  • Veneer skirting boards: if you choose veneer skirting boards (2150 × 80 × 12 mm), your flooring will merge seamlessly into your skirting in the same colour.
  • Paintable skirting boards: paintable skirting boards (2150 × 69 × 12 mm) provide a sleek, modern look. You can also paint these skirting boards in the same colour as the wall, or install them without painting.
  • For more information, see our brochure or contact one of our dealers.

Do you also sell (edging/finishing) profiles?

  • Yes, you can also depend on Parky for profiles. A wooden profile is sufficient for domestic use. This handy 3-in-1 profile is available in all Parky colours. For more heavy-duty use, we recommend that you use aluminium profiles, which are stronger than the wooden variety. For more information, see our brochure or contact one of our dealers.

Is Parky compatible with underfloor heating, even if you install it on top of an existing floor?

  • Parky is compatible with underfloor heating and you can install it as a floating floor on top of another floor if that floor is even. However, to guarantee the optimum performance of your underfloor heating, we do not recommended installing Parky on top of an intermediate floor layer. It is best to install Parky directly above the underfloor heating. You can find further technical details about Parky and underfloor heating on our downloads page.

I have a limited budget but I would really like a wooden floor. Is it much more expensive than laminate flooring?

  • Parky wooden flooring starts at the same price as high-quality laminate flooring. Parky starts off cheaper than vinyl and semi-solid parquet, without compromising on quality.

Can I install Parky in my kitchen?

  • Yes, Parky is suitable for installation in a kitchen. The titanium finish means that each Parky floorboard has no fewer than 8 invisible, but incredibly strong, layers of varnish. We also finish each floorboard with the Aqua Sealing Complete system. This ensures that the surface, pores and the V-grooves are coated and water resistant. Combined with an HDF core, it means that this wooden floor can easily handle the rough and tumble of the kitchen.

Can I install Parky in my bathroom?

  • We advise against using wooden flooring in extremely humid environments.

Can I extend Parky onto a staircase?

  • Yes, we have already done some great projects where we creatively crafted staircases from Parky. We do not yet offer stair edging so you should seek advice from an approved dealer.

Can the floor be sanded?

  • You can sand a Parky floor with a 2-mm top layer once, but you should take into account that this is expensive and intensive work and it is less commonly done in practice. That is because you will then also need to reapply the finish (colour, brushing, varnish, etc.).
  • For the same price you can install a completely new 0.6 mm floor. You simply unclick and remove the previous floor and install the new one in a jiffy. Since trends, colours, and your own taste may vary, Parky offers a flexible solution.

Find a Parky dealer in your area.

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