How to lay a herringbone parquet floor

Do you want to lay a herringbone parquet floor? This is how to do it!

If you want to give your floors the ultimate wow factor, consider using a herringbone pattern – it’s extremely trendy and it has a timeless elegance. Do you want to lay Parky veneer parquet in a herringbone pattern yourself? Our parquet calculator and step-by-step plan will help you get the job done.

What is a herringbone pattern for parquet?

The herringbone pattern of wooden floors has not lost any of its appeal over the years. Quite the contrary in fact, it’s still a hip and happening style to this day. What’s typical about herringbone parquet? All the blocks are of the same length and are positioned in - how else - a herringbone pattern. We developed the Swing parquet collection specially for patterned floors. Swing is available in Smoked Walnut, European and Ivory Oak and is the perfect response to this trend for herringbone patterns.

Where to lay parquet with a herringbone pattern?

What’s the best place to put down oak or walnut parquet with a herringbone pattern? The answer’s simple – put it all over the house. Your living room, bedroom, hall, and even your kitchen. Parquet in the kitchen? Certainly. Not only is Parky veneer parquet resistant to scratches and knocks, its Aqua Sealing Complete system means that it’s also waterproof. So why not extend this stylish herringbone pattern from your dining table to your cooker? 

Work out the number of planks you need for your herringbone parquet

For herringbone floors, you need more planks than for a straightforward floor pattern. But it’s an investment that will pay handsomely. Not only does it give your interior a unique and elegant appearance, you will also increase the value of your house. 

To make laying your patterned floor in Parky veneer parquet as affordable as possible, we’ve developed the Parky parquet calculator. You can get an accurate calculation of the precise number of planks needed for your floor plan in 6 steps.

Are you laying a herringbone parquet floor yourself? Download the step-by-step plan

To lay Parky veneer parquet in a herringbone pattern, most people call in a professional. However, with good preparation, a little dexterity and a clear guide, you can get to work on this yourself. We have put together a step-by-step plan for you to give you a few tips.

  • Preparation. Always give your wooden floor 24 hours to ‘acclimatise’. Place the planks for your floor flat in the middle of the room where you will lay the floor. Never put them upright to avoid warping and only open the packaging once you start to lay them.
  • Underlay. If you have chosen a Parky Herringbone parquet with an integrated cork layer, you only need to lay a moisture screen with a thickness of 150 microns as the underlay. If your parquet does not have a cork layer, we recommend that you first lay a resilient underlay such as Silent of Basic underlays.
  • Installation. The uniqye X Unifit® klik-tand-en-groef-systeem enables you to lay your herringbone floor quickly and without any mistakes. Parky is a wooden floor. For this reason, you should always allow for a sufficient expansion gap next to the wall and around any obstacles such as pipes and door frames. This will give the floor space to expand and contract as a result of humidity and temperature.
  • Finishing. After laying the floor, you can immediately walk on a Parky herringbone parquet floor.

Do you want to find out how to lay a perfect herringbone parquet floor? Follow the complete Parky- step-by-step plan for the perfect result. 

If you want more information about your Parky patterned floor, visit your nearest Parky dealer who will be pleased to provide you with practical advice.

foto oaks pattern ivory oak twist 06 small

You want more information about your Parky patterned floor?

Visit your nearest Parky dealer who will be pleased to provide you with practical advice.

foto oaks pattern ivory oak twist 06 small

Find a Parky dealer in your area.

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