How should the profiles for your parquet flooring be fitted?

When you have picked your Parky flooring, the hard bit is over! Because laying your floor is easy: thanks to our handy click system, you can do it all yourself. Of course, there's a bit more to it than that. For example, you may want to fit the profiles yourself as well. And you can! With our simple roadmap, your success is guaranteed across the board.

What you need for great profiles

Before starting to fit your profiles, get your equipment ready. There is absolutely no need for an entire toolbox. A circular saw, a pencil and a carpenter's rule will do.

And you need the profiles themselves, of course. To make sure you use the right profile for everything, simply go for our 3-in-1 profile. This one profile can be used in 3 ways:

As an end profile for a seamless finish without skirting boards
As a reducer profile for bridging height differences with another floor
As a T-profile that allows the floor to expand if you installed more than 10 metres of uninterrupted flooring

You can use the supplied knife to cut the profiles for the right application in no time.

Prepared for the right profile

When you have laid 10 metres of flooring, it is time for a T-profile. Preparation is the key to success. Measure how long the appropriate profile should be and mark that length on your base profile. Note: do not start or end on a hole. The small holes indicate where you need to drill into the subfloor so that the screws go in the right places. Make sure there is an expansion gap between the planks and the base profile as shown in the video.

Magnificently laid profiles

And now the moment of truth has arrived! Saw your profile to size on the mark you made earlier. Our 3-in-1 profiles come with a handy tool: a knife you can use to cut the sides off your profile for the right application and then click them off. If you are worried you may not be doing it exactly right, follow the manual. It is best to file the edges as well to achieve the best result. The supplied knife has a file on the side, which is extremely practical.

There! Your profile is all ready to be clicked on to the base profile between your planks.

Look at our video:

Ready to get cracking with your profiles? Or could you use some more tips? Feel free to contact us for additional advice.

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