How do you cut your planks to size?

How do you cut your planks to size?

Installing your own Parky floor? It’s child’s play! It all starts with sawing your planks to the right dimensions. They click together easily but obviously they have to fit your space. That’s not the case yet? Then you can easily cut your planks to size.

Touch wood that you can pull it off? No worries! Cutting Parky parquet to size is just as easy as the installation itself. Our practical tips will help you wipe the floor with any lingering doubts. 

The right equipment for your sawing adventure

For those who are not in the habit of handling a saw: it’s best to lay out a few tools before you start. First of all you need a saw - we recommend an fine-toothed electric saw. A carpenter’s square, flooring spacers and a folding rule will also come in handy. Last but not least: a sharp pencil to mark your cutting lines.

No idea where to find these tools? Then our installation kit is just the thing for you

Here’s how to make your planks click

Start by positioning a plank with the right dimensions in one corner of the room. This will tell you exactly how long the plank you click onto the first one has to be. Don’t forget to add the flooring spacer to maintain the right distance from the wall. This can prove useful if humidity levels cause the floor to expand.

Install the plank you want to cut to size alongside the first one. Turn it over and use your pencil to mark out the cutting line on the underside. Here, too, it is important to remember to place a flooring spacer against the wall for your second plank. 

Now let’s get down to business.

Check where the first plank stops: use your pencil to indicate where to cut plank number two. Be sure to do so on the edge instead of on the tongue - as shown in our instruction video. Then use your carpenter’s square to draw a perfectly perpendicular cutting line.

Now all you need to do is to saw the plank on the line. And then: clickety-clack, your planks click together just like that. The remaining piece isn’t wasted - simply use it to start the next row.

Ready to get cutting? Or could you use some additional pointers and advice? Then feel free to contact us

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