Hobby rooms from A to Z: from Art studio to Zumba room

Hobby rooms from A to Z: from Art studio to Zumba room

A wooden floor for every activity

Have the children left the house or did you buy your home with room for growth? Then pimp those unused rooms and turn them into a cool hobby room. From art to dance studio: our parquet floors are the perfect partner for all your passions.

The painting room: all 'bout the Monet

Is the Van Gogh or Monet in you just waiting to pop out? Then you deserve your own studio. A room with high windows on the north side provides the perfect incidence of light for your masterpieces. A blue smudge here, a dab of yellow there... Unfortunately paint splatters on the floor are inevitable. It’s a good thing all our floors have a waterproof top layer that cleans effortlessly after every painting session with nothing but a bit of water. Brushes at the ready? Paint away!

Music room: do, re, meet me there

How nice that your daughter has taken up the drums! Or is it? Do the neighbours and the rest of the family a favour and insulate the room thoroughly. Apply soundproofing material in the walls or simply cover the walls with convoluted foam. With its badass appeal our Walnut veneer parquet makes the room as rock ‘n’ roll as you like. Not a drummer but a classical musician under your roof? Then add a stylish touch with a herringbone parquet

Fitness room: hustle for that muscle

Burpees, jump squats, rope skipping… A solid workout requires a solid floor. An exercise room on the first floor is not a good idea but a multilayer parquet by Parky on the ground floor is. Thanks to the sturdy HDF core even falling weights won’t dent your floor. All you need now is an airco system and a motivational quote above the door and you’re ready to start pumping iron. Sweat now, glow later!

Dance room: twerking from home

Are you dreaming of a cha-cha-charming dance room? You can finish it in five-six-seven-eight. Start with a mirror wall and install a ballet bar if you’re a classical ballet dancer. Ballroom dancers on high heels should go for a scratch-resistant floor as a dance partner, such as Parky’s oak parquet floor. The Titanium finish of its eight solid coats of varnish can take all your zumba and other dance moves. Bravo!

Make your choice from our range of wood species and enjoy your hobby room!

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