A floor that suits your profession

A floor that suits your profession

From artist to shop owner

Whether you’re a painter, hairdresser, shop owner or lawyer, there is a Parky floor with your name – or should we say: function? – on it. From a robust oak floor to a herringbone parquet to receive clients in style: now you can pick the wooden floor that suits your profession. Good job!

Lawyer: a floor with character

As a lawyer you want your practice to exude warmth and a sense of authority at the same time. In a practice with stately furniture, a framed degree on the wall and a sizable library with all your legal textbooks and reference works, an impressive wooden floor is the icing on the cake. Thanks to its top layer of real wood, Parky’s veneer parquet has character in spades and is guaranteed to make an impression on your clients. Opt for a herringbone pattern for a truly authentic look. Masterful? You said it. 

Artist: a maintenance-friendly floor

Paintbrushes or clay at the ready! With one of our parquet floors you can apply the finishing touches to your gallery-worthy paintings or sculptures without a care in the world. Our floors are entirely waterproof and every stain is easy to remove, even on the lightest floors such as Essence and Ivory Oak. Even stubborn paint stains are no match for the Parky Wood Floor Cleaner or Cleaner Spray. So carry on, Van Gogh!

Click here to find out how to take care of our veneer parquet. 

Hairdresser: a sturdy, waterproof floor

Washing, brushing, cutting, blow-drying... In a hairdressing salon a splash of water, a pair of scissors, a hairdryer or shampoo will occasionally fall onto the floor. Fortunately there’s no need to panic with a Parky floor. Your Parky floor is 100% waterproof for twelve hours and thanks to the eight layers of invisible varnish and the high-density fibreboard (HDF) they can take a few knocks. Got a dent anyway? Parky Repair Wax takes care of any dents in no time. Cut out for you, isn’t it?

Shop owner: a scratch-resistant floor

Whether you run a clothes shop or a hotel, hundreds of people walk in and out every single day. Of course, in the long term this is bound to impact your floor. Do you ever receive customers with wheeled suitcases or on high heels? No problem, our varnish layer is geared to commercial – and therefore very intensive – use. Bring on those customers!

Check out our full range of wooden floors.

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