Bring spring into your home with these tips

Bring spring into your home with these tips

Go for flowers, wood and colour
Just a little while longer and you can store your winter coat and dig out a lighter jacket. With spring just around the corner, your home can use a makeover as well. We have four radiant tips to bring the most flowery season into your home.

1. Decorate your home with flowers and plants

There’s no better way to usher in the springtime than a bouquet of freshly picked flowers or a cheerful plant here and there. The crocuses are out and the camellias are also ready to dot your bedroom or window sill with colour. Did you know that keeping plants in the house alleviates stress and allergies and improves your sleep and concentration? The perfect way to complement your Parky parquet floor!

Light floor, dark walls

Low ceiling? Who said anything about a low ceiling? Not you, thanks to a light floor and dark walls! This contrasting combination literally highlights your vertical lines. Opt for trendy colours like khaki or petrol and an oak parquet by Parky. Tip: dark curtains are a better match for this setting than their lighter counterparts.

2. Clean your windows

We must admit: this second tip is not our favourite either but it’s still a fact that clean windows give you that instant spring feeling. This makes it even easier for the sun to fill your home and the smudges of winter will easily disappear into your bucket. Did you spill soap water on your oak floor? No problem whatsoever! Thanks to the Aqua Sealing Complete system, every nook and cranny is protected against moisture. Hello sunshine!

3. Choose colour

Whether you go all-out with a new coat of paint on the wall or prefer to make a difference with accessories, bringing colour into your home will definitely be one of your best decisions of the year! Paint one of your four walls in a cheerful colour or go with candles, blankets and pillows in a sunny colour palette. In combination with a vase of lovely flowers this is the perfect way to infuse your home with the odours and colours of spring.

4. Use wood in your interior

Wood is always a stylish option and especially in spring it lends every space a fresh and authentic touch. Just think of wooden cabinets, picture frames, a decorative ladder, bookshelves or an elegant Parky floor with a top layer of real wood. In addition to homeliness our veneer parquet brings reliability into your home. Someone knocked that new wooden sculpture from your new wooden bookshelf? No worries, your floor can take it. And the sculpture itself? Knock on wood!

Welcome spring with a fresh wooden Parky floor

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