A bedroom for every type of sleeper

Wake up! Whether you snore loud enough to fell the Amazonian rainforest every night, watch the hands on the clock tick around every hour or sleep like the dead, how you sleep determines the kind of bedroom that suits you. We've put together some tips to help you design your perfect bedroom with the Parky floor of your dreams.


Sleeping beauty

If there was a world record in sleeping, you would have claimed the gold medal years ago. Early or late, in bed or on the sofa, youcan doze off any time and any place. Once you're asleep, there's no waking you until the next day dawns. So your perfect bedroom doesn't need lots of bits and pieces either – white bedding, white curtains and a simple wooden bed frame with matching bedside tables. If possible, leave a window or patio door ajar so you can wake up with the sun and fresh air on your face and feel like you're relaxing in a French paradise. Blissful!

The Parky floor of your dreams: Umber Oak, Ivory Oak, Cotton Triba

Mr/Mrs always awake

The neighbours' TV at midnight, a yowling cat at 2:30 AM, the bin lorry at 5:30 AM… you're familiar with them all. Sleeping is an elite sport and you are clearly out of shape. All those magic cures like hot milk, counting sheep and putting your mobile phone away before you go to bed, none of them work for you. Nothing helps. But maybe there is something after all; a bedroom that's designed to be a cosy retreat. Soft carpet will keep your feet warm while you pace up and down, you can relax and read a book in a comfortable armchair, and cool artwork and photos on the walls will create a more welcoming feeling than empty space. Keep your chin up!

The Parky floor of your dreams: Milk Oak, Frozen Walnut, European Oak

Professional snorer

Your partner can't repeat it often enough at parties or to the therapist: you snore. Thankfully, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you both, like attaching a tennis ball to your back to stop you from lying flat while you sleep, giving spicy food a miss in future, or creating the ideal bedroom. Make sure it is properly ventilated and keep the heating turned down low, position a humidifier next to the bed, or get an oxygenating plant that will improve the air quality. A firm mattress where the head end is slightly raised can also help to keep your snoring to an acceptable level. What's that we can hear? Silence?

The Parky floor of your dreams: Dune Oak, Antique Oak, Smoked Walnut

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