What wood you do … if you dropped a vase on your Parky floor?

What wood you do … if you dropped a vase on your Parky floor

How to repair dents and prevent water stains

Do you like to decorate your home with flowers? Then an accident is never far away. And on your beautiful parquet floor no less! How would you handle this predicament? We have a few pointers for you!

Thank you for the flowers

A bouquet of wildflowers bought at market, lilies of the valley from your own garden or tulips from the supermarket: flowers and plants instantly brighten any room, especially if you arrange them in a stylish vase. But what if that heavy vase full of water is knocked to the parquet floor? We have a few flowery tips for you to save the day.

Flower power

First of all: don’t panic! If you clean up the water inside 24 hours, it will leave no trace whatsoever. As for the hard fall: every plank of your click parquet consists of an HDF board under a thin top layer. At most, the vase will dent the top layer and the HDF board will deal with the remaining force of the impact. And all you need to repair that dent in the blink of an eye is Parky Repair Wax. Melt, mix, fill in, degrease and presto: your veneer parquet is restored to its full glory!

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