What wood you do … about dog food spills on your Parky floor?

Do you have a rambunctious quadruped romping around the house? Then an accident is never far away. And on your beautiful Parky floor no less! What would you do in this predicament? We have a few pointers for you!

Sloppy pet spotted!

“Blacky, chow time!” When pets attack their kibble or wet food things can get messy. Do you also have a messy cat or dog running around that shamelessly uses your parquet floor as a second plate? No need to panic. Our wooden floors have a watertight surface and can take the odd stain or puddle. Both the planks and grooves are fully wet food proof thanks to the Aqua Sealing Complete system. And that is just one of the many benefits of a Parky floor! 

First aid in case of dog food

How to get rid of wet dog food stains on your veneer parquet? The main thing is to clean up the mess less than twelve hours after Blacky’s chow time. This is easiest with our Parky Wood Floor Cleaner. Add a dash to a bucket of water, dip your mop and wring it out thoroughly before you get started. The product removes the food in the blink of an eye while coating the wood with a protective layer. Perfect for Blacky’s next snack time!

Read more about the maintenance of your wooden floors.

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