The ideal underlay for your Parquet floor: let us show you the ropes!

You’re installing Parky veneer parquet? Excellent choice. But before you install your Parky floor: have you given some thought to what underlay you will use? Because that choice is just as important – for your own comfort and for the sake of your new parquet floor. We’ll familiarise you with the world of underlays in no time.

So why use an underlay at all?

Simple, your Parky parquet uses a floating installation system. Floating a wooden floor means that the wood flooring planks are installed ‘loose’, i.e. they are not affixed to the screed or any type of surface. The underlay is installed between the screed and your Parky floor. That underlay fulfils three crucial functions: absorbing small irregularities in the floor, damping walking and contact noise and protecting your parquet floor against rising damp. In other words, it’s not just for your own comfort but it also helps to keep your parquet floor in tip-top shape.

Which underlay will you choose?

Parky developed two variants: the Basic and the Silent underlay. They are easy to roll out and you can use our waterproof tape to tape the different strips together. This gives rising damp no chance because both underlays come with an integrated moisture barrier. In addition, both are fully compatible with underfloor heating. The only difference between the two: the Silent underlay dampens sound even more efficiently than the more budget-friendly Basic variant. Frolicking rascals in the house? Or do you occasionally like to swirl through the room on stilettos? Then the Silent underlay is your ideal choice!

You’d rather not use an underlay? 

That’s possible if you choose a Parky floor with an integrated cork layer on the underside. As cork dampens sound by nature you don’t need a separate underlay. Nature will thank you as well because it’s the most environment-friendly option available. One tip: be sure to use a damp-proof foil to protect your floor against rising damp. And don’t forget to use our waterproof tape for this as well. This will help you keep your floor 100% moisture-free.

Chosen your underlay? Or can’t decide? We’ll be happy to advise you!

Watch our video for more explanations!

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