How to create an expansion gap for your parquet flooring

Ready to fit your Parky flooring? Our handy click system makes it easy. But before you start laying those planks against the wall, make sure to leave an expansion gap. Read here why an expansion gap is so important and how you can create one.

Look at our video:

Why leave an expansion gap?

Fluctuating humidity and temperature levels will make your parquet flooring expand and shrink somewhat at times, which can result in a distorted floor. You can avoid this problem by leaving an expansion gap at the edges of your parquet flooring to allow your floor to expand a little when it needs to.

How can you create an expansion gap?

Simply place spacers along the edges of your planks to keep the planks 1 cm away from the wall. Place the spacers along the entire length of your parquet flooring and at the end of each row of planks.

How can you cover the expansion gap?

Floor laid? Remove the spacers and cut the subfloor to size as shown in our video. Your parquet flooring now has enough room to expand, but what about that visible gap at the edges? You can easily cover it with skirting boards. You can choose wooden skirting boards in the colour of your parquet flooring or white skirting boards you can paint in another colour afterwards. Simply glue the skirting boards to the wall above the joint. Apply plenty of pressure to avoid any gaps between the skirting board and the wall.

Note: if your floor is longer than 10 metres, you also need to create an expansion gap you can conceal with a T-profile.

That is how easy it is to create an expansion gap. Still can’t see the wood for the trees? Feel free to contact us for additional tips and advice.

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