A sustainable and trendy interior with bamboo

Channel your inner panda, because bamboo is on the rise. This tropical material not only adds jungle vibes to any interior but it’s also extremely ecological and durable. Bam-who? Bamboo!

What is bamboo?

Bamboo is a fast-growing species of grass that only needs sunlight to grow. What? No water? Nope, no water. On top of this, bamboo is inexhaustible, produces 35% more oxygen than most tree species and absorbs tons of CO2. How about that for an ecological raw material! So bamboo sticks or furniture brings the warm character of wood into your home without the necessity of felling trees. In an age where sustainability is a prime concern the popularity of bamboo in home interior design is far from surprising. Will we see bamboo in your home as well in the near future?

Bamboo in your home

There are different ways of introducing bamboo into your interior. First of all there’s the actual bamboo plant, of course, although keeping that fast-growing bugger under control is not always easy. A simpler way? Bamboo sticks in a vase. Bamboo chairs, tables, closets and cupboards also give your home a tropical touch. Match it with cane and an oasis of plants for the best bush result. Smaller accessories such as lamp shades, baskets and mirrors also give a (bam)boost to any living room, bedroom or bathroom. Last but not least: opt for a bamboo floor, such as Parky’s Lounge floor!

Bamboo in the garden

Bamboo doesn’t work well with the style of your home? Then you can always use it to spice up your garden. A gate of bamboo sticks keeps nosy neighbours at bay and at the same time it gives your home a luxurious allure. Add the odd bamboo accent and even smaller gardens and terraces instantly look Pinterest-worthy. Pick up a handful of extra bamboo sticks from your local garden centre too because that’s all you need to fashion your own garden table or cosy beach bar. Piña colada, anyone?

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