A houseplant for every room

Plants in your home not only look pretty, they also purify the air and aid concentration. These are even more reasons to welcome a green housemate or two into your home! We searched out the best plants for each room for you and matched these with a suitable Parky floor. Plants ahoy!


A monstera in your living room

The monstera or Swiss cheese plant is the plant for 2021, at least if you believe what you read on Instagram and Pinterest. Its large, silky leaves add a little something extra to any living room. The monstera can be rather imposing, so it is best to give it plenty of space near to the floor. If you don’t have green fingers, this plant is absolutely perfect for you. That’s because it does not require much maintenance and it can withstand the occasional knock. Do not put your Swiss cheese plant in direct sunlight so that you avoid brown leaves. However indirect light and sufficient watering are recommended.

The best plank for this plant: Stardust Walnut


An elephant ear in your kitchen

Are your fresh basil and parsley pining for another green friend in the kitchen? The alocasia zebrina or elephant ear will be pleased to keep them company! Its air-purifying skills make it the perfect sous-chef for all of your healthy meals. You also have to admit, it looks really cool too. Like a cross between a zebra and an elephant, it will always feel at home in your kitchen, even when you make a mess. This plant needs a fair amount of water, so do not forget to quench its thirst every now and again while you are stirring, baking, poaching, and tasting your food.

The best plank for this plant: European Oak


A pineapple plant in your bedroom

Does your husband or wife snore? Poor you! Fortunately, a pineapple plant can help out! This is because a pineapple plant produces more oxygen at night, which helps breathing and reduces snoring. Furthermore, it releases a particular enzyme that combats inflammation. You could call it a wonder plant! What’s more, it doesn’t need much water! Psst! The small pineapple on the top of the plant will fall off every three months so dig out your piña colada recipe. Cheers!

The best plank for this plant: Crystal Oak


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