• More patterns are possible
  • Solid step sound

Par-Ky Twist+

The latest innovation from Par-Ky is the Twist+ Collection. It is the answer for the latest trend in interior design. This innovative veneer surface engineered wood floor combines the unique patterns in real wood with the easy installation of click laminate floors. Through a simple twist you can install a single herringbone pattern, but you can also make a double herringbone or a square tile pattern. More than that, Par-Ky Twist+ offers a perfect balance between these classic patterns and trendy colors. Par-Ky Twist+ exists in 5 colors and comes with a cork backing for acoustic improvement.

To simplify the calculation and installation of Twist+, please visit the Par-Ky Pattern Calculator website. It allows you to integrate your floor laying pattern into your own floor measurements. This way you get a drawing of the Twist+ floor into your own home. It allows you to see and finetune your floorboard consumption and it advices the correct amount of boxes Left and Right to order.

Dimensions: 868 x 124 x 12 mm (34 x 4 7/8 x 15/32 inch)

大小板: 868,7 x 124,1 x 12 mm (34 11/64 x 4 7/8 x 15/32 inch)

Par-ky Twist Calculator